12 April 2017

Water Mirrors by Jacquelyn Klose

Exhibition runs from: April 13 - May 6
Exhibition Opening night | Wednesday 12 April | 5:30 - 7:00pm
Gallery F opening hours | Thurs-Frid 10-4pm | Sat 10am-2pm
Location: mim, museum of innocence mildura | 31-33 Deakin Ave

Artist statement

This artwork explores human dimensions to the environment, the visceral energy of place and the disconnections to space through a personal experience of changing location from a coastal location of Kangaroo Island to a desert region of Mildura. The juxtaposition of differing connections to location is explored through the quality of the water’s surface, the fleeting unstable and real nature of the reflections signifying my response to an arid desert land, contrasting with flowing, colourful, stable unreal qualities of the reflected colour areas that depict my home place, and within this journey finding unexpected life and utopia in an unknown land. The Water Mirrors connect the ever-changing systems of nature with society, ourselves and our very existence in the light of creating a more environmentally sustainable future for all.