28 September 2019

Gallery F Exhibitons for the month of October

Please join us for the opening of two new exhibitions for the month of October by Jennifer Matthews and Eunice Wake.

Artist statement: Abstractions in Nature 
By Eunice Wake

I have been a glass artist for near 40 years and have always been driven by my
Curiosity and passion. Each day, as I enter my studio, I am always excited to
discover what is going to evolve. While exploring the art of painting over the last
few years, I have been continually fascinated by the unpredictable nature of fluid
acrylics, I enjoy the abstract nature of how the paint flows on the canvas and how
how the flow can be manipulated to achieve many different and beautiful effects.
Encaustic Wax is another painting  medium that I am very excited about; also having
An unpredictable element. Encaustic Wax is a bees wax and tree resin  mixture
which is heated to 100 degrees Celsius. With the unpredictable nature of the wax
and the use of a flame torch it captivates me into a state of creative focus for
long periods of time. It is my intension to share these feelings of excitement and 
delight that I have experienced while creating this work for this  exhibition  you are 
viewing today.

Works by Artist Jennifer Matthews

Abstractions in Nature

Jennifer Matthews and Eunice Wake are friends who met through art. They came across some beautiful black frames and decided to work collaboratively towards making a number of eco prints for an exhibition titled "Abstractions in Nature"