30 August 2019

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Exhibitions for the month of September

Hello please join us at Gallery F on Wednesday 4th of September @5:30pm for the opening of new work by local artists Win Moser and Mel Castleman.  The Gallery is open Thurs, Frid 10am-4pm and Saturday, Sun 10am-2pm.

Exhibitions for the month of August

Biophilia by Lyn McDonald
Broadly speaking Biophilia is humankind's innate biological connection with nature. Scientific study suggests that our tendency to affiliate with nature is inherent to our psychological and physical development. It helps to explain why a garden view or a rural landscape can captivate us and enhance our lives and well-being through connection with nature.
Natural materials such as wool, cotton and silk combine with alchemic processes such as felting, rusting and eco-dying, evolving into images that reflect the local environment and create a distinct sense of place.
Artist Lyn McDonald in front of Falling to Pieces 1

Detail from In Memorium 2019
Detail from My Garden 1

Microcosm 2019     
Opening night celebrations
Rivers Run 2019
Waste not want not by Val Robinson
Historically ordinary folk in society had little disposable income so that a penny saved was important. No chain stores of comsumer goods to lure dollars from the pocket. An old adage Waste not, Want not encouraged thrift. The contemporary version is Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.
Reflecting on pioneer women and their thrifty use of everyday type goods, the dress, worn till threadbare, was reused, cut down or remade for other uses. Within the cross section of the tree trunk or branch, bark and rings, markings and patterns of the tree are rich with possibilities for machine stitching, using a variety of scrap fabrics. Though there are 24 small pieces in this exhibition there appears to be no reduction in the studio stash.

Artists: L: Lyn McDonald R: Val Robinson
The Dress Installation 1-7
Detail from Water in Dry Land
Trees Installation 1-8
Close up detail from Trees Installation
Val Robinson discussing her work
Val and Lyn supported their exhibitions by holding workshops throughout the month of August. Thank you to all that attended.

4 August 2019

July exhibiting artist Anthony Fox

A Photography Exhibition by artist 
Anthony Fox (pictured centre)

July exhibiting artist Sian Harris

Sian Harris was joined by community, family and friends 
at the opening of MUNTA (Sacred)

Artist statement
Munta (meaning sacred in Paakantyi) is a series of artworks that depict imagery of womanhood from the view of an Aboriginal woman and artist Sian Harris. The works emulates and challenges the ethnographically collected imagery of womanhood and femininity. Munta gives meaning to the images that would have been misrepresented as obscene or distasteful.
For more information about Sian's work you can contact her at sianlee.harris1@gmail.com


1 July 2019

Exhibitions for the Month of July

Hello please join us on Wednesday July 3rd at 5:30 pm to celebrate the opening of the work of two artists Anthony Fox and Sian Harris at Gallery F Mildura.

28 June 2019

30 Group exhibition June 2019

Cyanotype with butterfly by Prue Hobbs
Natural plant dye prints by Ann Hayward

Brooke Hamence and Deb Broadhead

Painting by Brooke Hamence

Drawing by Mel Castleman

Drawing by Win Moser

Exhibition space featuring sculptural work by
Donna Williams in the foreground

Patrons in front of work by Val Robinson

Val Robinson pictured at the opening

Print by Ann Hayward

Mixed media by Alice Gove

Painting by Sandra Tierney

Mixed media textiles by Eunice Wake

Textile by Val Robinson

Felting by Lyn McDonald

Detail from mixed media textile work by Eunice Wake

Textiles and artist book by Val McCarthy

Painting (L) Encaustic (R) by Jennifer Matthews

Artist Book by Donna Williams

Bob Jankowski discusses his work

Drawing by Bob Jankowski
Artist book by Val Robinson

Painting by Carla Rogers
Sculpture by Kerryn Sylvia