9 February 2017

1 February 2017

Rust and Stitch by Lyn McDonald

Exhibition runs from: February 9 - March 4
Exhibition Opening night | Wednesday 8  February | 5:30 - 7:00pm
Gallery F opening hours | Thurs-Frid 12-6pm | Sat 10am-2pm
Location: mim, museum of innocence mildura | 31-33 Deakin Ave

Artist statement

Well, we’ve gone and done it! 
The human race has wiped itself out. Faint signs on blasted rock indicate the passing of a whole civilization.
But Nature has hardly noticed. The first signs of continuing life have already appeared among the devastation.
I guess most of us have these thoughts/dreams in these times of global warming.
In time metal and wood develop a patina. 
Metal turns to rust and in my experiments of printing on fabric from rusted objects I saw landscapes appear. Landscape develops its own patina over time - 
the ripples of wind over bare soil, human footprints, car tracks, animal scratchings and footprints.
The ethereal quality of these works encourages the viewer to look closely and discover images within images. 
My hand-stitching is a meditation on the shape and form of plants.
The plants symbolise the emergence of life in an otherwise dry and barren landscape. 
Some works are plant-dyed resulting in a subdued and earth-like palate.

Lyn McDonald, Detail of work from 'Rust and Stitch'
exhibition, Rust and hand stitching on fabric 2017