30 April 2019

Exhibition for the Month of May

Please join us at GALLERY F MILDURA to open the next group show from the Mildura Pottery Club on MAY 1st from 6pm

Caroline Lewis: Petal pot
Jayne Bawden: Salt box
Sharon Allen: Wall art
Kassie Hocking: Soap dish
Shelly McQuillan: Clock
Jess Cook: Leaf plate and Tiles
Henery Chappell: Spinodocus (hybrid)
Jess Cook: Turtle
Jayne Bawden: Sheep
Patty Byrnes: Painted pot
Caroline Lewis: Steampunk tealight
Regan Kendrigan

Expressions of interest

Gallery F

Group Exhibition


Artist’s name:
Title of work:
Size: H x W x D cms
Cost: $20 per entry, payable to committee member or on 25th May
Sale Price :
Space needed: To allow for planning please specify if plinths, hanging space, black space, either gallery or atrium will display your work best. First in first served.
All work to be installation ready or risk rejection.
30 word statement about this work, plus above details, email in Word to valarob@bigpond.com

Photos would be appreciated if work is ready before April 30.
Please agree to work being used in publicity to promote Gallery F and Exhibition.
I look forward with anticipation to your interpretation of 30.
Valarie Robinson
0408 018 342

1 April 2019

Exhibition for the month of April: Brooke Hamence


Once Upon A

Artist Statement

Currently my work is of a merge of fight and/ or flight. Once Upon a BORDERLINE is self expressed throughout a mixed media series of drawing, painting, sculpture, textiles and installation.
I create my work within multiple different mediums and forms; essentially because I constantly live within extremes of emotion. I usually combine a medium and concept, with my given emotion at the time to be able to express the intensity outwardly.
Spiritually, emotionally and intensely set along fantasy, sense of self, folie and love.
Amethyst Azure was a regular girl just as regular as the next, or so she thought….
If you were told that there was nothing wrong with you for your entire life, would you be able to keep your difference a secret?
To have your difference remain hidden, ignored or constantly invisible…
What is it like to have a difference you can not see?
Living within a space where there is emotional intensity and instability; its almost like your not really living at all because you are in fact, too alive. Seen as impossible. You feel too much. Every feeling is of it highest high or its lowest low. Your provoked by little things, when exposed; it will make you feel unheard, unseen, trapped and misunderstood. I can even find myself happy at one point but then something will trigger me and then I find myself abandoning everything; especially in that of what I am closest too. Many voices scream inside me. Sometimes I feel much like a burden, like it’s impossible to love me but then everything shines brightly inside . But it can undoubtedly be changed. It is exhausting, fighting to try to take control over such darkness; by constantly telling yourself, you deserve it. The darkness. Over the smallest things. Which is when an infliction of self harm comes in, just  Living in chronic fear that the ones you love will see you, the dark you and in turn the part of you that believes you’re nothing. Trusting others is unbearably hard. Like a nightmarish cyclone that longs to be securely held. When caught inside with what feels like fire and ice, I am difficult to reach. When everything is calmer, after/ before my storm hits. My story; I feel and express my light as my strength, along my winsome and anguishing journey.


Darling River Country: Jade Millard

Artist Statement

Her abstract depictions of the landscape are passionate in stroke, simplifying forms and expressing her spiritual  connection with the earth.

Gaining a spiritual connection to the landscape is critical to Millard's practice, as she states, “Flying, driving, walking across and 'being in' the landscape provides me with the whole feel and character of our ancient environment. I just capture a moment of it into a painting for you.”

Millard's paintings and drawings share with you an emotional piece of the landscape. A still piece of beauty captured in time.

’When the Rivers were Highways’ - triptych of Old Wentworth Customs House floorboards with antique found objects from around Wentworth’s paddleboat days $180

‘Let the River Flow’ Acrylic and oil and emu feathers on board

Top: ’Broken’ – Old Wentworth Customs House floorboard with broken china from turn of century paddleboat days
Bottom: ’Crown Hotel Wentworth’ – Old Customs House floorboard with broken antique china from riverboat days

‘Perry Sandhills - once part of an inland sea’ -  oil on canvas painted en plein air at the Perry Sandhills

‘Two Sides to every story just like there are two banks to the river’ – painted beside the Darling River Acrylic, ochre and River Coobah Wattle on canvas

‘Spirit is Lifted’ – acrylic on canvas painted beside the Darling River

’Pink Bits’ - Old Customs House Floorboard with Emu Feathers and found antique pink glass from around Wentworth

Top:‘Cluster of Small Stars’ resin, ink and glitter on canvas
Middle: .‘Eagle Nebula’ resin, ink and glitter on canvas
Bottom: .‘Owl Nebula’ resin ink, paint and glitter on canvas

‘Thegoa Lagoon – oxbow lakes/lagoons/billabongs are imperative to a healthy river system’ oil on canvas painted with canvas nailed between trees