28 June 2019

30 Group exhibition June 2019

Cyanotype with butterfly by Prue Hobbs
Natural plant dye prints by Ann Hayward

Brooke Hamence and Deb Broadhead

Painting by Brooke Hamence

Drawing by Mel Castleman

Drawing by Win Moser

Exhibition space featuring sculptural work by
Donna Williams in the foreground

Patrons in front of work by Val Robinson

Val Robinson pictured at the opening

Print by Ann Hayward

Mixed media by Alice Gove

Painting by Sandra Tierney

Mixed media textiles by Eunice Wake

Textile by Val Robinson

Felting by Lyn McDonald

Detail from mixed media textile work by Eunice Wake

Textiles and artist book by Val McCarthy

Painting (L) Encaustic (R) by Jennifer Matthews

Artist Book by Donna Williams

Bob Jankowski discusses his work

Drawing by Bob Jankowski
Artist book by Val Robinson

Painting by Carla Rogers
Sculpture by Kerryn Sylvia

5 June 2019

Upcoming workshop at Gallery F Mildura


Learn to stitch creatively or expand your skills by Hand or Machine stitching. Bring to class your current project, something new you would like to try, or just your enthusiasm. Individual progress is the aim.

10 - 12:30 am Sat  22nd June,

at Gallery F
31-33 Deakin Ave

Contact Valarie Robinson:

 valarob@bigpond.com or 0408 018 342

Upcoming workshops at Gallery F


Enjoy contemplative and meditative hand stitching.

Stitching for the sake of it, to make, to mend, to decorate has soothed the soul for centuries.

Rediscover these joys using simple materials.



10AM -12:30pm

Valarie Robinson

valarob@bigpond.com  0408 018 342