29 July 2018

Vicious Idiot by Josh Taylor

Please join Gallery F for this exciting exhibition of new works by Josh Taylor on Wednesday 1st August from 5:30pm onwards.
Gallery F opening hours | Thurs-Frid 10-4pm | Sat 10am-2pm

Location: mim, museum of innocence mildura | 31-33 Deakin Ave

 Artist for the month of August Josh Taylor in front of his work
 'Satan in a swimming pool'

 Artist: Josh Taylor
 Title: Live action roleplay 2018
 Medium: Oil on canvas

  Title: Bone toons 1 & 2
 Medium:Acrylic on canvas

 Title: Slowcooker
  Medium: Oil on canvas

Walter Ison Peter Pan Punk exhibition for July - August

22 July 2018

Peter Pan Punk by Walter Ison

Please join Gallery F for this exciting exhibition of new works by Walter Ison on Wednesday 25th July from 5:30pm onwards.

Introduction to Felting Workshops
by Lyn McDonald

at Gallery F, 31-33 Deakin Ave, Mildura

Saturday 21 July,  9.30 -12.30pm 
Saturday 28 July,  9.30 -12.30pm

Cost of Workshops including materials and a kit
of basic felting needs is $70 for two sessions.
These workshops are not open to just one session.
Maximum of 8 participants.

Session 1
Introduction to felting process for beginners includes making pre-felts and creating a square or rectangle felt for a bag, cushion cover or an Art piece.

Session 2
Nuno-Felting wool onto a length of silk.
Silk will be supplied in white or earthy eco-dyed colours and both natural coloured fleeces and coloured wool tops are available.

Contact Valarie Robinson -  0408018342 or email  Lyn McDonald - lynmcd13@bigpond.com

8 July 2018

Gabi McDonald: The Yard and Beyond Exhibition for July

The human experience of place is central to ways that people live in the world, a way of seeing the world mediated by the culture to which we belong. The external space is as important as the inside of the home and tells a lot about the people who live there.  

(Tim Creswell)

In my body of work I have entered into people’s personal space - their
backyard - and have explored how individuals of different ages and
background construct and inhabit this space that is so important in our
culture, particularly in a town like Mildura, where the climate is mild
enough for outdoor living most of the year. These images form a
narrative about who the person is and their lifestyle in this rural country


Gabi McDonald in front of her work Orange Avenue
Mildura Backyards - 18 x A4 prints

Detail of handwritten comments accompanying each image

Lyn McDonald: The Yard and Beyond Exhibition for July

Artist Statement

Stepping out of my house and into the streets of Mildura, the nature
strips and plants that adorn the centre of the roads are predominantly
eucalypts of various species. This move by the council over many
years is strategic in merging the City with the majestic red gums of the
riverfront, which give Mildura its unique environment. How can this be
transformed into Art?
I use the bark and leaves of eucalyptus to give colour and imprints to
my textile works. A process that I call Eco-Alchemy, reflecting the
natural environment.

Natural plant dyed scarves
Installation view, hand-felted silk and wool jacket
Eucalypt on linen
Silk Forest Installation View
Materials for dying of fabrics and prints
Detail from Silk Forest 1-9