29 September 2018

DA Exhibition

Artist: Domenico de Clario
Title: The Merchant of Naples 2008
Painting, pedestal. light, banana skins
Artist: Piero Clemente Garreffa
Title: Primo Amore 2018
Acrylic and oil crayon on paper

Artist: Filomena Coppola
fish out of water - murray cod 2018
Petrified redgum (carbon dated 5000-9000 years), gouache,
 colour photograph on dibond, MDF base and glass dome

Artist: Nancy Panuccio
Title: Somewhere out there 2017
Watercolour pencils
Artist: Noah Nemtsas
Title: Mortarion 2018
Hand-painted, hand built moulded plastic figurine

Artist: Luci Callipari-Marcuzzo + Anna Callipari + Christian Marcuzzo
Title: Tracing threads of the past: eredita,, vita and basketball c. 1960-2018