16 September 2017

Suspension opening night

Please enjoy these images from the Gallery F group show currently showing at 31-33 Deakin Ave Mildura. Works range from photography, sculpture, installation, to encaustic, painting, ceramics and textiles. You can support our artist run space by visiting us during opening hours Thurs-Frid 10-4pm and Saturdays 10am-2pm.

Suspension exhibition curator and artist Bob Jankowski 
in front of his work Suspension (Pathway to the Sky) 2017
Opening night

L: Brooke Hamence M: Sandy Bliim R: Mel Castleman

Opening night

L: Ann Hayward M and R: Gwynneth Pender

Opening night: Ceramic work in foreground by 
Renae Pennicuik

L to R works by: Deb Symes,  Kerryn Sylvia, 
Lyn McDonald and Dianne Craig

Link to Sunraysia Daily article United in Suspense http://www.sunraysiadaily.com.au/story/4922905/united-in-suspense/