23 March 2018

Stepping Out by local Basket Weavers

Exhibition runs from: March 29th - April 28th
Exhibition Opening night | Wednesday 28th March | 5:30 - 7:00pm
Gallery F opening hours | Thurs-Frid 10-4pm | Sat 10am-2pm
Location: mim, museum of innocence mildura | 31-33 Deakin Ave
*Please note gallery will be closed Good Friday 30th March

Artist statement

Like most art and craft forms basketry originated in necessity. Our ancient earth mothers gathered plant materials within easy reach. Woven together they formed vessels for carrying babies and food, for nets to catch fish and fowl, for items of clothing, for protection from the elements. Later baskets were made to trade, and decorative elements were added to indicate regions and families.

As contemporary basket weavers we rejoice in using a smorgasbord of fibres, which we gather and prepare. Separately or combined with an infinite variety of man-made materials, we create unique pieces, both functional and decorative. 

We experiment and share new techniques and learn from each other how to best utilize this vast menu. We can choose to work with traditional techniques, or to combine with other crafts, or to push the boundaries perhaps including found objects, both natural and man-made. 

Basketry is about enjoying the tactile qualities of fibres and the intricate creating of our hands and hearts. It is a slow craft, like slow food, requiring preparation of material, hand shaping, allowing the fibres to speak and letting natural shapes evolve. 

Our small group meets monthly. This is our first group exhibition.

22 March 2018

Opening night: Sandra Tierney

Nature’s Kaleidoscope

Artist statement

My artistic journey.  
I have always loved to be creative but did not pursue painting passionately until in my late 40’s when I completed a course in drawing and painting at MADEC Mildura and learnt to paint with watercolours. I pursued this for a few years then stopped painting for around 15 years and have only taken in up again in the last two years. I changed to Acrylics for I love their boldness and versatility.

Inspiration.   I am mainly inspired by the colours and textures of Nature.

I just paint as I see things and try to include detail and am happy at times to leave feint little paint blobs, dribbles and brush strokes that can be visible in my work as I like the subdued textural effect.

My painting aim is to create something to let the mind relax and connect with the subject on the canvas evoking a sense of pleasure.

Opening night: Sandra and her family in front of one of her
treasured works
Title: The cleaners, Zebras with oxpecker birds,
acrylic on canvas
Title: Lovelights, White Camellias, acrylic on canvas
Title: Detail from Come and play.  Silver birch trees and
red foxes
in the snow, acrylic on canvas
Title: Detail from Snack Time. A large Fantasy Fish,
acrylic on canvas

Title: Detail from Floating Together. Blue spotted Jelly fish,
acrylic on canvas