28 February 2020

February exhibition Fools and Ghouls by Cairo Loy

Artist Cairo Loy with his work Crystal Mouth 

Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies, Talker of Shit, 2019
Final Phase of Human Evolution
Stamford Bridge 1066
Opening night
Exhibition opened by Ann Hayward
Phantom of the Opera 2019
Bad Breath 2016
Employee of the Month 2017
Abduction 2020
Zombie Sculpture, Zombie Painting 2018

Artist statement
My first solo exhibit is made up of works both old and new. What you see here is a mixture of past projects I have kept from my undergrad days, as well as new projects I have been working on for the last few months leading up to this exhibition.  There is no singular theme running throughout this show, but they are inevitably linked by the re-occurrence of unsavory creatures and environments. Some inspired by religion and pop-culture, while other works, even to me remain a mystery as to why or they came to fruition.