11 February 2018

Opening night: Double Act by Terri Jaksch and Dorothy Adair

Artist statements
ACT 1 – FOUND by Terri Jaksch

“I frequently seek and often find that which communicates with my mind’s eye.”

Of particular interest to me, is the use of found and gathered objects.  Discards or casualties of nature, man-made plastics, items of metal or glass etc. catch my eye and tend to tickle my imagination. I find it difficult to walk past a feather, a plastic bottle, an old rusty tool, old bones, bark, branches, seed pods etc. as many seem to leap at me with bold suggestions for an alternate or enhanced existence.

The re-cycling and up-cycling of man-made objects has played a major part in my creations for many years.  I enjoy converting the found, sourced and collected (mostly considered useless junk) into unique works of art. More recently, having relocated to a property in Wentworth NSW where nature’s droppings are bountiful, their promise of being transformable has much inspired me. Fresh ideas consume my creative mind.

My works are diverse and often quirky.  I like to incorporate moving parts for added visual and/or audible interest and strive for my creations to also serve a practical purpose. 

I trust you will find this exhibition a pleasurable experience and should it also inspire you to find creative uses for some of the many things which are usually disposed of or ignored, so much the better.

ACT 2 – FOTOGRAPHIC by Dorothy Adair
Experimental, alternative, cameraless and analogue is my photographic passion.
The process of chemical interaction, the excitement of unpredictability, the fixation of unexpected apparitions is my fascination.
Luck is my friend.
Old photo papers (some from 1980), some fogged, some contaminated by light, some relegated to the rubbish by other photographers, are my canvases.
My offering is a collection of chemigrams, photograms, “polaroid” emulsion lifts, acrylic image transfers and an albumen print.
My intention is to keep analogue photography alive as an art form, especially without film or camera.
Terri Jaksch and Dorothy Adair on opening night at Gallery F
Artist: Dorothy Adair
Title: Malaga 
Medium: Chemigram on silver gelatin
Artist: Terri Jaksch
Title: Good Gourd
Medium: Gourd, woollen sheepskin, fleece,
felted wool,  wire
Artist: Dorothy Adair
Title: Wentworth Wharf
Medium: Polaroid emulsion lift
Artist: Terri Jaksch
Title: Beethovens Frustration
Artist: Terri Jaksch
Title: Detail from Bird with one eye
Medium: Indoor/Outdoor Spanish moss air plant, wood, wire,
acrylic paint, recycled picture frame
Artist: Dorothy Adair
Title: Marmalade Mama
Medium: Superimposed 120 film negative
with marmalade photogram
Artist: Terri Jaksch
Title: Illumination
Medium: Functional tea light holder, recycled star pickets and
vessel, glass and ceramic beads, wire
Artist: Terri Jaksch
Title: Rastafarian Beany
Medium: Wearable art, merino wool, acrylic beany